Airbus ACJ319

Airbus ACJ319

Characteristics and Performance:


LONG Range

Maximum Range (km)

8,500 *

Max Speed (Mach)


Main Cabin Areas


Cabin Seats


Aircraft Manufacturer

Airbus S.A.S.

Aircraft Type (Family)


Aircraft Model

Airbus ACJ319


CFM 56-5B7/P



Projects Managed by MJET


Maximum Range (km)

8,500 *

Maximum Range (nm)

4,600 *

MTOM (kg)


MTOM (lb)


Cabin Width / Height (m)

3.70 / 2.25

Cabin Length (m)


Baggage Compt Volume (cbm)

3.64 **

Baggage Compt Volume (cu ft)

128.5 **


* subject to operational restrictions

** usable volume in the cargo compartment

Coming out of the world’s most modern airliner family, the ACJ319 offers a common cockpit with all the benefits that the modern technology may have to bring. The first to introduce Fly-By-Wire controls, it has a wider fuselage than other aircraft in its category as well as one of the most luxurious, fully customizable interiors. You can benefit of a staff area, spacious stylish lounge, dining/conference area and a full size bedroom with a with en-suite bathroom.

The ACJ319 remains one of the most popular members of the ACJ family because it represents a perfect combination of space and range.

Whether you need a very well equipped flying office with areas where you can discuss business, work on your computers, or enjoy lunch in a very agreeable atmosphere – the ACJ is definitely the right choice. In case you would like to relax during a long night flight to a vacation destination, you will appreciate the comfort, the master bedroom with a master lavatory, including a shower.

The ACJ319 is an important business tool affordable to very special businessmen, big corporations or heads of states, and is the perfect way to underline the status and the prestige.